Lisa Hodges Inducted Into Connecticut High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame

Coach Hodges standing

Girls Basketball head coach Lisa Hodges was inducted into the Connecticut High School Coaches Association (CHSCA) hall of fame recently. We honor this accomplishment by looking back on her long and storied career at Kolbe Cathedral. Coach Hodges accomplished many things since she took over the head coaching job in 2003. In the twenty years since she began coaching, Hodges turned a sinking program around to be one of the most elite teams in the state of Connecticut. A team which was struggling to fill roster spots in the 90’s and early 2000’s is now a contender to win conference and state championships year in and year out. Coach Hodges brought her intense work ethic and unfaltering leadership to a team that was searching for something fresh.

The relationship that she built with the players is a bond that we still see today when former players return to visit. Hodges has been a mentor to so many of our young men and women not just on the court, but in the classroom as well. Coach Hodges preached the importance of getting an education and how being educated leads to future success.

Coach Hodges’ influence expands beyond the walls of Kolbe’s gym, however. Twenty-two players from Kolbe Cathedral have gone on to play at the collegiate level and two of them have gone on to play professionally as well. The life skills that she has imparted upon these students have developed them into intensely successful individuals and inspirational leaders of the future.


Kolbe Conversations #5 “Innocents Held Hostage”

Please join us for the fifth edition of our Kolbe Conversations celebrity breakfast series to benefit Kolbe Cathedral High School. Over the last three years, our breakfasts have focused exclusively on sports. We’ve “talked” golf with Mike Whan (CEO, USGA), sports television with Pete Bevacqua (Chairman, NBC Sports), football with Dan Orlovsky (ESPN and former UConn and NFL QB) and hockey with Rand Pecknold (head coach of the 2023 NCAA Champion Quinnipiac Bobcats).

Changing the subject matter dramatically for our next breakfast, Let’s Talk “Innocents Held Hostage” will feature the showing of the award-winning documentary film of the same name followed by Q&A with its subject Morad Tahbaz. Mr. Tahbaz is a London born Iranian and American citizen who lives in Weston, CT. He is a businessman and nature conservationist and the Founder of the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation. Working in this capacity, he was detained by the Iranian government in January of 2018 then unfairly arrested, charged and convicted of espionage. An innocent “pawn” in high-level Iranian negotiations with the United States, he was held hostage for almost six years in a notorious prison before being released and reunited with his family in Connecticut in September of 2023. The subject of countless international news stories, come hear Morad’s harrowing account of cruel and unusual captivity … but also the uplifting story of individual perseverance and the tireless efforts of his family, friends and the American government to gain his freedom. The documentary Innocents Held Hostage, which expertly chronicles the ordeal, was co-produced by Nate Colman and Jonah Rothlein and won the 2024 Grand Prize of the C-Span Student Cam national competition. Believe it or not, they are rising Juniors at Weston High School! Nate Colman, who directed and edited the film, will be there to join the conversation.

The Patterson Club 

1118 Cross Highway

Fairfield, CT

Thursday, August 8, 2024


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Kolbe Conversations #4 “Let’s Talk Hockey”

Please join us for the fourth edition of our Kolbe Conversations celebrity breakfast series to benefit Kolbe Cathedral High School. Themed, “Let’s Talk Hockey”, our featured guest will be Rand Pecknold, the head coach of the 2023 NCAA DI Hockey Champions from Quinnipiac University. Hired in 1994, Pecknold has been at the helm of the Bobcats’ program for 29 seasons and led Quinnipiac to the school’s first-ever national championship on his third trip to the Frozen Four championship game since 2013. He ranks first among all active Division I hockey coaches with 615 wins and the team was 34-4-3 for the ’22-’23 season. In addition, he was the head coach of the U.S. team  for the 2023 Junior World Championships.

Armen Keteyian, 11-time Emmy award winner, will moderate the breakfast conversation with Pecknold which will take place at The Patterson Club in Fairfield, CT on Thursday, August 31, 2023.

Time: 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM EDT

Where: The Patterson Club
1118 Cross Highway
Fairfield, CT 06824

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Kolbe Cathedral Graduate Tay’vian Laing ’22 Shares His Experiences at Harvard University.

Class of 2022 Alumnus Tay’vian Laing gives a snapshot of his life at Harvard University in a short interview.

Q: What is your major and minor if you have one?
A: I concentrate (major) in Government and, at the moment, I’m thinking about having a secondary in Sociology.

Q: What did your typical day look like as a Harvard student?
A: Just depended on how I felt that day to be honest. Like some days it would be early mornings and late nights or even the other way around. I’ve had many all-nighters at Harvard, but that’s all on me because I work better during those hours, for some reason. Typically, in a day, I’d have at most 3 classes or at least one class. This semester I had only at most 2 classes in one day and days where I’d only have 1 class. So it’s all depending on how you pick your classes.

Q: What was your favorite class at Harvard and what was your favorite class at Kolbe Cathedral?
A: One of my favorite classes at Harvard would be Race, Gender and Performance. A GenEd class where we look into how race, gender, and performance intersect within each other. My favorite class at Kolbe Cathedral was Religion. If I had to pick one I’d have to go with the New Testament. Shout out to Mr. Melinkov for making Religion class the best!

Q: Are you a member of any clubs/activities/societies on campus?
A: I am a member of some clubs on campus. One big club is BMF which is a black men organization at Harvard which hopes to enlighten and strengthen the black men at Harvard to be better and have a brotherhood within the Harvard community. It’s really been helpful in terms of making connections with people and having close bonds through my first year.

Q: How was it living away from home for the first time?
A: Living away from home was hard at first because there were a lot of things that you just have to figure out on your own, but after a while it became so worth it. It definitely helps you become an adult and prepare you for your future life.

Q: How did Kolbe Cathedral prepare you for your college experience?
A: Kolbe Cathedral prepared me a lot for academically challenging courses that I have taken at Harvard, but I mean Harvard is a different ballpark so a lot of my first semester I felt a little behind in comparison to other students who were coming from feeder schools and more selective private schools.

Q: Your favorite thing to do in Boston in your spare time?
A: My favorite thing to do in Boston in my spare time is EAT! There are many restaurants there that are surprisingly different from what we have here in Connecticut, so it’s a mix of exploration with eating.

Q: What is your favorite restaurant/eatery/food in Boston?
A: There’s this place in Boston called Boston Burger Company and their burgers are so good and they’re cheap at times. There’s different types of burgers too that you can customize to the point where you can’t even add the top bun on the burger.

Q: Were there any challenges and how did you overcome them?
A: Challenges were just academic challenges in my first semester because I now had to learn how to actually study, when at Kolbe I never really studied unless I was taking a final. I overcame this challenge in second semester by actually studying and hosting my own study groups with friends.

Q: Do you have any advice for Kolbe Cathedral graduating Class of 2023 students as they embark on their college careers?
A: Be patient with yourself and do not beat yourself up when you get something wrong or you find yourself stuck. It’s a different ballpark then what high school is and there’s going to be times where you won’t get the grade you want and that’s okay as long as you try your best and are patient with yourself, you’ll be fine. Also, I strongly recommend taking the first semester to orient yourself with the College you’re going to and understand everything that the school has to offer and take grasp of that.

Q: Are you looking forward to Christopher Morel ’23 joining you there next year?
A: I laughed when I saw this question because you all have no idea how hard I’ve been fighting this man to get him to commit here. As soon as he started to apply, to the day he got into Yale, I was Harvard’s biggest advocate and here he is. Can’t wait to spend another 3 years with him. It’s a big moment for me and him, but most importantly, for the Kolbe Cathedral community. We got two people going to Harvard for the first time ever, let’s make it three!