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Shepherds Mentor Program

The Shepherds Mentor program empowers inner-city Connecticut students to build a foundation for success by providing a college preparatory education at a private high school, academic and life skills programs, and the positive influence and support of a committed Shepherds Mentor.

Shepherds Students are motivated young people who come from diverse cultural, religious and family backgrounds. One hundred percent of of students’ families have demonstrated financial need and most Shepherds Students will be the first to attend college in their family.

Participation in the Shepherds program comes with many benefits for the student and their family such as: 

  • Tuition assistance to reduce a family’s financial burden
  • Adult mentoring to guide and encourage the student through the fun and formative years of high school
  • The opportunity to participate in a wide variety of academic, social and college prep activities not available to other students


“Meeting my mentor was so important to me. She has pushed me to do my best.”

Shepherds KCHS Student 

“Partnering with Shepherds gives our students the advantage of a mentor and additional resources that enhance the school experience. Together, Kolbe Cathedral and Shepherds, send students to college or to the world of work, ready to make a difference.”

Camille Figluizzi, Principal
Kolbe Cathedral High School

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