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Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds to Support Students

A variety of scholarships, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 are available at Kolbe Cathedral based on academic performance, financial need, or both. Scholarships offer many of our students a way to afford the Kolbe Cathedral education that they deserve. All scholarships are awarded yearly until a student graduates, provided that the student remain in good academic standing.

Over the years, a number of scholarship funds have been established to honor family members, colleagues, or friends. We appreciate the additional financial help these funds provide for our students and invite you to donate to them by clicking on the donate button after the funds’ descriptions. We also invite you to inquire about establishing a scholarship at Kolbe Cathedral High School in the name of someone who you wish to honor.

Scholarship Funds

  • Maximilian Kolbe Scholarship
  • Leah Rondon Fund
  • Denise S. Drzal Memorial Scholarship
Maximilian Kolbe Scholarship
Maximilian Kolbe Scholarship

Maximilian Kolbe Scholarship

Established in 2021 by John & Cindy Sites, the Maximilian Kolbe Scholarship Fund is Kolbe Cathedral's largest source of need-based, student financial aid. It is named in honor of our school’s namesake, a Polish priest who was also a missionary, teacher and publisher. A staunch anti-Nazi, he was imprisoned at Auschwitz where he died in 1941 after volunteering his own life to save another prisoner. He was canonized as a saint by Pope John Paul II in 1982. Over the next five years, it will award up to 12 full tuitions annually to students based on merit, a strong work ethic and an appreciation for the Kolbe Cathedral experience. Additional support is needed to increase the fund and ensure its longevity.  DONATE >

Leah Rondon Fund
Leah Rondon Fund

Leah Rondon Fund

Leah was a happy, vivacious six-year-old whose life was cut tragically short in a car accident on August 20, 2015. She was an avid athlete, playing soccer, basketball, and softball. She was also a strong student who loved to read and play with friends at recess. Leah's parents started 2 funds to keep her spirit alive. The Leah Rondon Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a graduating female student at Kolbe Cathedral High School where Leah's father Henry is an administrator. The Leah Rondon Fund is housed at the Valley Community Foundation and is designed to benefit Ansonia, CT youth. DONATE >
Denise S. Drzal Memorial Scholarship
Denise S. Drzal Memorial Scholarship

Denise S. Drzal Memorial Scholarship

In honor of Denise Drzal, a 1976 graduate of Cathedral Girls High School. This scholarship will be awarded to a female student who, like Denise, exemplifies the Christian characteristics of love and compassion for people, animals, and all living things. "Denise Drzal was an earth angel who went to be with the Lord on December 15th, 2023. She was a person of great faith, inclusivity, and compassion, Like Job, she never lost her faith even though a debilitating illness. The trials she faced only made her stronger and grew her relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She held everything that she owned in an open hand and would selflessly give to all in need. Her compassion for life extended to all people and all living creatures great and small without exception." DONATE >

Ways to Give


The easiest and quickest way to support Kolbe Cathedral is by giving cash, writing a check, or donating through PayPal.

Gift as Stock

Giving a gift of appreciated stocks is an economical way to donate, and one that comes with the most tax advantages.

Matching Gift

Many companies will match their employees' charitable gifts, so when giving, don't forget to check with your employer first.

Memorial Gift

Make a donation in memory of someone dear to you so that their legacy can live on through your charitable gift to Kolbe Cathedral.

Planned Giving

Plan for a future donation by designating Kolbe Cathedral as a beneficiary of a trust, life insurance policy, or estate.

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